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Missouri’s Blue Ribbon Trout Fishing with Casey Callison (Ep. 203)

In this episode we WadeOutThere with Casey Callison, from Springfield, Missouri.  Casey moved to the Ozarks from St. Louis when he was a small boy and has been hunting and fishing there ever since.  When Casey was twelve he was introduced to fly fishing.  He spent nearly every day in the summers of his youth on the banks of Lake Taneycomo, below Table Rock Dam, fishing and learning from a local fly fisherman that became a friend and mentor.

The Five Basics of the Casting Stroke with Maxine McCormick (Ep. 202)

In this episode we WadeOutThere with Maxine McCormick, from San Francisco California.  Maxine began fly fishing as a child with her father, and spent summer vacations with family, on the McCloud River, catching fish and learning from her dad.  When Maxine was introduced to competition fly casting, her new found passion for casting helped her enjoy the fishing aspect of the sport more as well.  Maxine was competing nationally at age nine and won a gold medal at the world championships for accuracy at age twelve.

Tying and Fishing Streamers as Physical Therapy with Christy McReynolds (Ep. 200)

In this episode we WadeOutThere with Christy McReynolds from Jonesborough, Tennessee.  Christy grew up learning to fish with her father in the lakes and rivers of East Tennessee.   In 2011, after a devastating car accident left Christy with a broken neck, Christy turned to fly fishing and fly tying to help regain mobility and strength in her hands and arms as well as build up strength in her neck. 

Nymphing Deep Pools and Experimentation with Jon Messinger (Ep. 199)

In this episode we WadeOutThere with Jon Messinger, from Denver, Colorado.  Jon grew up on a ranch in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, where time on the river was part of everyday childhood play.  He fell in love with fishing the small streams around his home, and targeting hard to reach trout he found on the San Juan River.  Eventually, Jon moved to Bozeman where he began creating music and continued to fly fish.  Now, Jon is back in Colorado where he guides for Colorado Trout Hunters.

Attention to Detail and Euro Nymphing Tactics with Devin Olsen (Ep. 198)

In this episode we WadeOutThere with Devin Olsen, from Midvale, Utah.  Devin grew up fly fishing from age nine and has been casting and catching fish ever since.  He has a degree in fish ecology and a master’s degree in fisheries science, has worked as a fisheries biologist, fly fishing guide, and is now the creator and owner of Tactical Fly Fisher where Devin shares gear, videos, and articles designed to help fly fishers follow in his tactical footsteps.  
Photo from Josh Gallivan

Dry Fly Techniques, the Snake River, and Hosted Trips with Josh GallivanPodcast Draft (Ep. 197)

In this episode we WadeOutThere with Josh Gallivan, from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Josh was born and raised in Jackson Hole, and started working in a fly shop while in high school.  He knew early on that he wanted to be a fly fishing guide, and got plenty of practice on the oars fishing with his uncle, who helped him buy his first drift boat.