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The WadeOutThere Hat

I’m proud to announce that WadeOutThere hats are now available.  This hat has been an ongoing project for me since I built the WadeOutThere website and published my first blog post almost four years ago.  If you want to know how the WadeOutThere Hat came to be, or why it's been so long in the making, you'll have to follow me back to Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan, 2018.  Maybe you're thinking, it’s just a hat Jason.  Fair enough.  I'm grateful you're here either way.  But if you’re interested in what makes this hat so special for me, here’s the story… 
Fly fishing gear
Tactics and Techniques

How to Avoid Forgetting Your Fly Fishing Gear.

It’s not likely any of us will escape our fly fishing journey without arriving at the river having forgotten something.  It’s more likely that, if you are reading this, you already know the pain.  If not, remember there are those who have and those who will.  Sometimes it's no big deal.  Forgot our water bottle?  Fish thirsty.  A box of dry flies?  Fish nymphs.  Raincoat?  Fish wet.  But some items cannot be fished through.  Some things are deal breakers.  I’ll admit it’s been more than once I have reached a trout stream without a critical piece of gear.  It was after one of these exceptionally deflating days that I finally decided enough was enough.  I  committed to solving the problem in the only way I knew how.  Applying mental checklists in the way I did during my time flying fighters for the Air Force.