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Tactics and Techniques

Five Things to Change Before Changing Flies.

We oversimplify the pursuit of trout when we think changing flies will result in more fish caught.  Surely fly fishing can be a simple endeavor if we let it be.  Carry a fly rod and some flies to the river.  Wade through its currents and cast flies to where the trout swim below.  Wade and cast.  Wade and cast.  If the fish do not reward you, the overutilized solution is often to change flies and continue on.
Tactics and Techniques

Fish the Whole Drift.

A wince. Perhaps a groan. And then another cast. “Ahhh. That was a fish.” We have all missed a trout we were not expecting. Unprepared. Distracted. Complacent. But there are two times it happens that should not surprise us. Two parts of the drift that are sometimes forgotten. Forgotten by us, but not the trout.
Wadeoutthere Philosophy

Every Once in a While, Look Up.

The beginning is special. It is in the beginning that the bond forms. After the excitement of something new wears off. When you are not catching fish. When you have to re-tie your knots. When the fish are rising to everything except your fly. It may not seem like it. And you may not notice it, but these are the times when something special happens between you and the river and the fish you chase.