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Photo from Tim Hepworth

Late Summer on the Bow River and Fishing with Your Daughter with Tim Hepworth

In Episode 171 we WadeOutThere with Tim Hepworth, from Central Alberta.  Tim was raised in a pastor’s home with nine siblings.  Hunting and fishing was a way of life and a source of sustinance.  He picked up fly fishing as a teenager, and used the sport to help him find balance in his job as a paramedic.  But it wasn’t until the birth of his daughter, that Tim dove deep into fly fishing.  They learned together, and eventually, Tim became a guide on the Bow River Fly Fishing Bow River Outfitters and instructor at the same school that taught him Western Canadian Fly Fishing Guide School.  We discuss learning and teaching fly fishing with your daughter, late summer on the Bow River, and tying flies on Thursday nights.