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Tactics and Techniques

Replace Worn Tippet Before It’s Too Late.

I knew I would catch a fish there when I saw the hole appear around the bend of tall grass.  It was only a question of how many or how big.  It was early morning.  I had caught a few smaller fish and had decided it was turning into a good day’s fishing.  One of the trout I had caught had run under the cutbank and wrapped around some roots.  And I had already achieved a not too uncommon wind knot in my tippet.  I told myself I could fish this frayed and knotted tippet a bit longer.  Had I known, I might have replaced my worn tippet.  But of course, I should have known.
Wadeoutthere Philosophy

Over the Fence. All You Need to Start Fly Fishing.

Starting out we don’t have much. Over time we figure out what we need and what we want to live our stories. What we need, and what we want. In fly fishing, if you are not careful, thinking you need things you don’t could keep you from enjoying some great days on the river and ultimately a nice fish here and there. Here’s what I learned starting out and why I believe, when it comes to becoming a fly fisherman or woman, you don’t need much.