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Pats Stones. Beginner fly tying.
Fly Tying (Shady Flies)

DON’T BUY A FLY TYING KIT! A Beginners Guide On How to Start and Keep Tying Your Own Flies

It was in sunny Las Vegas Nevada, that I remember telling my wife, “I’d really like to get into tying my own flies.”  My wife, whose memory can be either a steel trap or --- let’s just say the opposite of a steel trap --- decided to use her powers for good and several months later at Christmas I had a fly tying kit.  Hooray!  Hugs and smooches exchanged, I sat down to tie my first fly on Christmas morning, 2013.  And while I tied a few flies between then and now, I can say that the fly tying kit may have “started” me into tying my own flies, but it was a weak and pathetic start.  A long road filled with terrible flies, that rarely were used, let alone caught fish.  I’ll tell you why.