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The Art of the Missed Hookset.

The art of the missed hookset is nuanced and complex. Like most artforms, grasping one aspect of the missed hook set does not translate into a full understanding and mastery of the overall process. It takes a greater level of skill to miss the hook set on a trout after years of experience, but truly great fly fishermen and women do not succumb to complacency in the other aspects of the sport they love, so it follows that the art of missing hook sets is no different.

The Least Discussed, Most Controversial Skill Set On Any Trout Stream. Part 2 of 2.

The floodgates of controversy are upon me. By daring to post Part 1 of my two-part blog post on The Least Discussed, Most Controversial Skillset on Any Trout Stream, I have, as predicted, been under harsh scrutiny and criticism from fly shops, guides, and the fly fishing community in general for addressing this widely known but little talked about fly fishing subject. Only a few have come to my defense. But I persist! ...Because while the featured image shows a beautiful stretch of the Bighole River, what it does not reveal is the author completely underwater after flawlessly executing a more common technique for falling in the river.

The Least Discussed, Most Controversial Skill Set On Any Trout Stream. Part 1 of 2.

Having been fly fishing for many years and experienced all manner of fame and folly in pursuit of Salmo Trutta across this great country, I find I am constantly acquiring new experience and proficiency in one subject rarely discussed in the fly fishing community...I think it equally obvious that I must proceed, as I ultimately consider it my duty. I present to you, then, the specific methods and techniques for falling in the river while fly fishing.