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Streamer Fishing in East Tennessee with Jason McReynolds (Ep. 192)
Photo from Jason McReynolds

Streamer Fishing in East Tennessee with Jason McReynolds (Ep. 192)

In this episode we WadeOutThere with Jason McReynolds from Jonesborough, Tennessee.  Jason began fly fishing in East Tennessee during the late nineties.  When his wife, who also enjoyed fly fishing, was seriously injured in a car accident, the couple began fishing streamers almost exclusively, because the larger flies and larger weighted rods was therapeutic for his wife Christy’s recovery. 
Photo from Rich Strolis

Tying Durable Flies and Streamer Tactics with Rich Strolis

For many of us, tying flies comes after the fishing part.  It's the next step, or at least, another step.  If we enjoy it, embrace it, and continue tying, fly tying becomes just another aspect of fly fishing.  Like learning how to tight line or chasing a new species.  Tying, then, becomes part of the progress we seek, and as we learn new tactics and techniques for fishing, our tying evolves as well.
Photo from Daniel Bragg

Podcast 102. Daniel Bragg Part 1. The Five Fly Fishing Skills and Fighting Big Fish

In this episode we Wadeoutthere with Daniel Bragg from Cameron Montana.  Daniel cut his teeth fly fishing as a youth in the Ozarks and later the mountains of Tennessee while attending school.  When his promising career out of college left him feeling stuck, Daniel moved to Montana and took a $10/hr job in a fly shop to pursue his true passion, fly fishing.  It wasn’t too long before he was guiding the Madison River at Kelly Gallup’s Slide Inn.  He’s been hunting and fishing in the Big Sky State ever since. 
Lessons Learned (Stories)

The Two Best Times for Experimenting on the River.

The Yakima River Canyon was on fire. We had fished above with success, but the second day the wind left us drifting more than fishing. As the day went on the wind became stronger, the casts got worse, and the drifts without fishing grew longer. But I guess that is the way it goes with fly fishing trips. Mother nature, like trout, has a vote. And I was with my brother and father. That much was always good. And we caught some fish. That is the way it goes.