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Tactics and Techniques

Three Tactics for Fishing Hard to Reach Cutbanks.

The cutbank of a river is a storied location in the realm of fly fishing.  Flies are broken off on gnarled root balls, thick grasses, and precarious branches.  Anglers are often left stumbling, slipping, and snagged.  The evidence of their efforts can be seen in the tangled tippet and lost flies that look back at those of us who imagine brute-like brown trout lurking in the tight close seams below a hard to reach cutbank. Particularly difficult to reach cutbanks may seem like more trouble than they are worth but armed with some tactics for penetrating these tight spots, cutbanks can bring many a memorable trout to the net.  Here are three I use when the opportunity presents itself.

The Least Discussed, Most Controversial Skill Set On Any Trout Stream. Part 2 of 2.

The floodgates of controversy are upon me. By daring to post Part 1 of my two-part blog post on The Least Discussed, Most Controversial Skillset on Any Trout Stream, I have, as predicted, been under harsh scrutiny and criticism from fly shops, guides, and the fly fishing community in general for addressing this widely known but little talked about fly fishing subject. Only a few have come to my defense. But I persist! ...Because while the featured image shows a beautiful stretch of the Bighole River, what it does not reveal is the author completely underwater after flawlessly executing a more common technique for falling in the river.