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Fly Fishing Egos, Keeping It Fun, and the Boise River with Rob Griggs

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In Episode 174 we WadeOutThere with Rob Griggs from Boise, Idaho.  Rob’s fly fishing journey has taken him from Tennessee, to Colorado, to Idaho, where he still lives today.  He started guiding in Colorado after attending a guide school to improve his skills and continued guiding after the move to Boise. 

We discuss how the ego presents itself in fly fishing, the Boise River, and why keeping fly fishing “fun” might just catch you more fish.

If you’re messing with the bad attitude and negativity in your head. It’s gonna show in your fishing.

Rob Griggs

Positive. Mental. Attitude. Rob is not the first fisherman I have talked to who believes your attitude and energy on the water can make a difference in whether you catch fish or head home skunked. But there isn’t anything real about this right? We can’t actually will a trout to take our fly… can we? Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean thinking positively won’t help your odds.

Keeping it fun and enjoying your time on the water means that you are calm. You are at peace. You are enjoying the moment. All these things add up to one big result that might truly help you catch fish. Less mistakes.

We all know that frustrations compounds on the river. It’s hard to stay positive when you’ve lost a nice fish, or can’t stay out of the trees, or keep losing flies. We all know from experience – when it rains it pours. Try to keep things fun and you can appreciate the fact that regardless of how it’s going, you’re still out fly fishing. And that’s pretty cool.

I hope you enjoy Rob’s positive energy and this very fun conversation. Thanks for listening.

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