Photo from Simon Gawesworth

Podcast Ep. 108 – Spey Casting and Fly Fishing in England with Simon Gawesworth

In this episode we Wadeoutthere with Simon Gawesworth, from Washington state.  Simon grew up teaching fly fishing at an early age at his father’s fly fishing school in England.  He has spent his life traveling the world, learning, and teaching fly fishing in the form of classes, books, shows, events, schools, and articles, and most recently as an instructor for Far Bank. 
Fly fishing Biscayne Bay Florida
Photo from Marcos Mazzola

Podcast Ep. 107 – Wade Fishing the Saltwater Flats of South Florida with Marcos Mazzola

In this episode we Wadeoutthere with Marcos Mazzola from South Florida. Marcos began his fly fishing journey wading and fishing from a skiff in the saltwater flats with his close friend from school who also became his fly fishing mentor. As he progressed as a fly fisher, his photography passion began to become more and more intertwined with his love of the outdoors.

Lessons From a Five Year Old in Fly Fishing.

“Wanna catch a fish pop?” He always asks the same way. I always smile. Yes. Let’s go. I do want to catch a fish. Even though I know it is not the fish we are after. I know the adventure of the river motivates him more that the act of fly fishing. I know it is the excitement of the car drive and the sounds of Cory Morrow and Waylon Jennings as he softly sings along. I know it is the journey into a part of his father’s world that convinces him he is tasting something special. Like staying up past bedtime on the Fourth of July. I know all of that. Or maybe none of it. Maybe he is teaching me as much about fly fishing as I have to give. Or at least giving me the chance to see who he is against the pure backdrop of a cold trout stream cut through ancient mountains.