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Adjusting to Different Flows on the Yellowstone River and Streamer Tactics with James Mugele (Ep. 195)

What I really look for is structure. The browns that are gonna be the easiest to react that way I think are coming out of structure. Where they’re looking for something to kill.

James Mugele

In this episode we WadeOutThere with James Mugele from Livingston, Montana.  James started fly fishing while attending college in Vermont.  After befriending a retired fishing guide from out west, James found his introduction to fly fishing grounded in tying big flies and casting for Muskies.  

James’ dream became to move to Montana and fish big Western rivers with his black lab Bo as his faithful companion.  After school he had saved enough to drive to Montana and stay with a friend that was guiding on the Yellowstone River.  Livingston was his first stop on the road trip, and after one good float down the Yellowstone throwing hoppers he knew he was home.  

James has been guiding on the Yellowstone ever since, and recently became part owner of Hatch Finders fly shop. 

We discuss adjusting your tactics based on different flows, the Yellowstone River, and James shares some of his techniques and philosophies on fishing streamers.  James also shares why even fishing dogs benefit from time on the water. 

Fishing different flows is something that has always been challenging for me. Especially on trips to Montana. It’s the expectations you have versus what mother nature throws at you that can be the hardest part. James does a wonderful job of explaining how he manages expectations and makes adjustments on America’s longest freestone river, The Yellowstone. He also shares his excitement for the challenges that these big freestones can present. I hope our conversation changes how you see the ups and downs of fishing freestones.

You can listen to the show on the podcast player below or anywhere that you enjoy podcasts. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I enjoyed talking with James.


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