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Photo from Daniel Bragg

Podcast 102. Daniel Bragg Part 1. The Five Fly Fishing Skills and Fighting Big Fish

In this episode we Wadeoutthere with Daniel Bragg from Cameron Montana.  Daniel cut his teeth fly fishing as a youth in the Ozarks and later the mountains of Tennessee while attending school.  When his promising career out of college left him feeling stuck, Daniel moved to Montana and took a $10/hr job in a fly shop to pursue his true passion, fly fishing.  It wasn’t too long before he was guiding the Madison River at Kelly Gallup’s Slide Inn.  He’s been hunting and fishing in the Big Sky State ever since. 
Photo from Adipose Boatworks.

Podcast 67: Fly Fishing for Carp on the Missouri River with Justin Waayenberg.

Carp fishing and permit fishing are extremely similar. If you had told me this before speaking with Justin, I would never have believed you. After talking with him, I am convinced. Of course it is not exactly the same, but if your living far from the ocean, chasing carp may scratch the itch. Justin's enthusiasm is contagious and this episode is one of the deepest dives we have had on the Wadeoutthere Podcast into all the intricate details that can bring success while fly fishing for any species.
Photo from Bighorn Angler

Podcast 31 | The Bighorn River with Pete Shanafelt.

I fished the Bighorn River in August of 2018 with my father and brother. It was my first time visiting a river after my last combat deployment to Afghanistan. At the time, I did not know that it would be my last deployment. My decision to leave the A-10 behind after fourteen years deeply impacted my life. That trip to the Bighorn was cathartic. The fishing was excellent. The room was great. The food was outstanding. Everyone we talked to was genuine in their desire for us to have a great time.