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Podcast 66 | Southeast Wyoming, Fishing with Family and Winter Tips with Phillip Chamberlain.

In this episode we Wadeoutthere with Phillip Chamberlain from Lyons, CO.  Phillip is a guide at Kirks Fly Shop Grand Lake whose love for fly fishing is deeply connected with family.  Past, present and future.  We discuss:

  • Southeastern Wyoming.
  • Fishing with family.
  • Tailwater vs. freestone fisheries.
  • Winter fly fishing techniques.

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My journey to home waters has left me staring cold, difficult winter fly fishing in the face and it makes perfect sense.  It seems the things in my life that have brought the greatest joy, reveal themselves on the backside of the greatest struggles.  Our move to Utah was not easy.  Now that we have finally unpacked, cleaned, re-modeled and settled into our new home, I have the opportunity to fish trout streams more often and attempt to answer the question: what makes winter fly fishing special?  

I have asked several Wadeoutthere Podcast guests about why they enjoy winter fly fishing and the answers share a common theme. 

There is a solitude and challenge to winter fly fishing that makes it unique.  It is a world that requires new tactics to catch fish and to stay warm doing it.  

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Talking with Phillip reminded me of what true passion looks like.  When they would not hire Phillip as a guide in Florida, he found a way, by teaching locals and having them ask for him by name.  When he was unable to guide the Encampment River in Wyoming, he found a way, fishing it after all day of guiding to learn the waters and bring value to his clients and employer.  Now that he manages a fly shop, finding time on the water has become harder, and so he found a way.  Winter fly fishing. 

Passionate anglers find a way.  This passion is part of what we share at Wadeoutthere.  Finding ways to chase fly fishing even when making it to the river is difficult. 

I am glad that winter fly fishing has aligned with my first opportunity to fish the rivers that surround the place we now call home.  I feel I am joining a group of anglers who know the joys of winter fly fishing and the adventure it brings.  Thanks to others, I have an idea.  Thanks to a long road moving to Utah, I have a chance to truly understand.


Key Takeaways

  • Infant carriers and bug shirts are great tools to help get young ones in nature.
  • Scout places in nature that will work well for kids.
  • The Encampment River is a wild natural reproducing fishery that has not been stocked since 1974.
  • The encampment can typically be drifted with rafts from May-July.
  • Hatches spring BWO.  Salmon flies. Green Drake beg june.  Jul/aug/sep trico.  Trico lines bc so many
  • “You’re Psycho if you fish the trico.” Try nymphing during the trico hatch in faster water.
  • The Encampment is a true freestone out of the Sierra Madre mountain range.  Because of the abundant glacial feed it is a resilient and cold water fishery.
  • Pink san juan worm with a size 18 non-beaded slim pheasant tail is a simple set up with easier tied flies.
  • Other good flies on the Encampment: Chubby Chernobyl, Parachute Adams during the drake and salmon fly hatches.  Pat’s Rubber Legs.  RS2.  Foam backed emerger.  
  • River more about where they are
  • Deep slow tailouts are good places to target in cold winter weather.
  • Streamers work well in the winter because trout want a meal with lots of calories.
  • Nymphing in the winter with midges and small 5x and  6x tippet is a good tactic.
  • Use split shot to get flies to the bottom in the winter.
  • Flawless presentation. Mending.  Drag free drift. Slow water.  Time to see it.
  • Use Vaseline or chapstick on the guides of your fly rod below 25 degrees to help create a barrier and avoid freezing guides.
  • Avoid cold feet by putting hand warmers in your socks underneath waders.
  • Bringing a thermos of hot soup on cold cold days rewarms your core.

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