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Brook Trout Fishing in Classic Pocket and “Moments of Chill” with Kiki Galvin

“Fish the water in front of you first.”

Kiki Galvin

In this episode we WadeOutThere Kiki Galvin from Falls Church, Virginia.  From the time Kiki caught her first sunfish as a young girl, she was hooked.  She has been fishing for over sixty years. 

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As a school teacher Kiki wanted to combine her love of fly fishing with teaching.  After attending a guide school in Idaho, she started her own guide service, Misguided.  Kiki has volunteered extensively with numerous organizations that help others through fly fishing, including Trout Unlimited, Project Healing Waters, Casting for Recovery, and the Mayfly Project.  

We discuss fly fishing opportunities surrounding the Washington D.C. area, including the Shenandoah National Park, brook trout fishing in classic pocket water, and the importance of what Kiki calls her “moments of chill.”

Photo from Kiki Galvin

“You make those decisions, and know what you want to do before you just plow into the water and scare all the fish.”

Kiki Galvin


We all know the joy that comes from finally reaching a trout stream after a long break.  The beauty and excitement of being on the river can pull us in before we’ve had time to formulate our plans on how to fish it.  When I haven’t been to the river in a while, my feet guide me there almost automatically.  I love wading through a trout stream, and it’s hard to hold back in those beginning moments.  

It’s easy for us to forget the thought that goes into how we will fish.  Every next cast could be that special memory that keeps us coming back.  Our minds tell us to Wade Out There.  Get fishing.  Start working that water.  Kiki reminds us that just as we are problem solving through different water types during the day, we should also problem solve before those first steps in the water.

It’s not often that folks can approach a river and fly fishing, with so much ease and reflection.  Kiki is one of those people.  Perhaps it is her repeated “moments of chill” that keeps her grounded.  Perhaps it is just all that time on the water.  Whatever the reason, it’s apparent that Kiki is a deliberate angler who truly appreciates the entire experience.  I found my own appreciation grew through speaking with her.  I hope yours will too…

WadeOutThere friends.

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You can find out more about Kiki, or schedule a guided trip by visiting her website:
Ms Guided Fly

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