Upper Green River
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Podcast Ep 122 – The Importance of Exploration and the Upper Green River with Donicio Gomez

In this episode we Wadeoutthere with Donicio Gomez from Logan, Utah.  Donicio began fly fishing on the Snake River near Jackson Hole Wyoming.  He moved to Northern Utah to continue fly fishing and made it his “home base” for fishing the premier western waters that surround him.  Donicio has been fishing and guiding in Wyoming for eighteen years. 

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We discuss:

  • The importance of developing a “plan B” for your fly fishing adventures
  • Embracing Exploration
  • What Donico calls fly fishing’s “Eye of the Tiger.”
  • The Green River in Wyoming


“Time on the water does not equal catching fish.  If you are set on catching fish every time you go out, then it’s gonna be game over.” – Donicio Gomez

Donicio makes it a point to explore about ten new streams per year.  These are waters that he has never been to and probably never heard of.  His method for finding these waters relies somewhat on his over eighteen years of experience as a fly fishing guide, but more than that, it relies on curiosity and dedication.  And maybe a touch of crazy (his words).  Just a simple search through the surrounding area on Google Maps will show him the blue lines that he needs to go exploring.  That’s all it really takes.

And what do those ten trips bring him?  The answer is not more fish, at least not in the short term.  Donicio will admit that nine out of ten of those trips are a bust.  Sure, there is value in the adventure of it, and the beauty of being in the mountains, but these trips typically end in long drives and tough hikes with little to no fish… nine out of ten times.  Donicio goes for that tenth time.  

The tenth time is when something magical happens.  When he finds a hidden gem.  A new place to go when he wants to fish alone.  But also a new resource.  When water temps, winds, flows, or any of the other forces of nature teaches us the importance of having a “plan B” when making fishing plans, these new spots are now options.  Donicio is well equipped with plan B’s.

We all have been told the importance of time on the water if you want to catch fish.  Donicio Gomez certainly understands this.  He’s definitely put in plenty of time on the water.  What Donicio is saying is that in order to catch fish you have to be willing to not catch fish.  He puts in the long game.  

One out of ten discoveries is one per year.  Do that for ten years and you have something really special.  But that type of strategy takes time.  Time on the water.  And time on the water without fish.  

Is it worth it?  I think so, but that’s me.  I guess no one can say until they put the time in for themselves… WadeOutThere.

Key Takeaways

  • Beginner or experienced anglers can be challenged on the Green
  • Springtime is great fishing for big browns
  • Sow bugs, hares ears, pheasant tails, prince nymphs, and renegades are great flies
  • Crayfish in orange and purple work good on the Green
  • Fish streamers with a floating line and sink tip or full sinking line
  • Lengthen you sinking leader to fish deeper water by casting further out and giving it more time
  • In high winds keeping your drift boat three quarters of the way into the wind is a safe place to be
  • Explore using less weight to fish the entire water column

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