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Dry Fly Fishing and Versatility with the Mono Rig with Trevor Smith – Podcast – Ep 92

In this episode we Wadeoutthere with Trevor Smith from State College Pennsylvania.  Trevor has been fly fishing in Pennsylvania since he was very young.  His search for versatility on the river brought him to fly fishing with a hybrid system called the Mono Rig.  Our conversation is centered around dry fly fishing and versatility with the Mono Rig. We discuss:

  • The importance of versatility on a trout stream
  • Dry fly fishing with the Mono Rig
  • Fishing “snaggy” water
  • Deliberate casting
  • Drop shot system
  • Tying on droppers
  • Trevor shares some wonderful insights and stories about the mentors in his fly fishing journey.

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Dry fly fishing in Pennsylvania with the Mono Rig was one of the most lasting memories of my fly fishing journey. Casting blue winged olives in the silent, snowy, solitude of a beautiful river I’d never stepped foot in before was remarkable. I had never fished dries in the snow, let alone on the Mono Rig. Both proved to be deeply rewarding.

Open Mind

My determination to fish the Mono Rig was a growing, persistent feeling. There were too many passionate and tactical anglers fishing it to ignore. The urge to stay in my comfort zone, kept pushing it back. Fishing that rig, in those waters, was a big part of why I went. Something new. Someplace new. It seemed like an adventure.

I wish I had the opportunity to talk with Trevor before I wet a line for the first time in a Pennsylvania trout stream. Talking with him answered so many of the questions that arose from my first Mono Rig fly fishing experience and taught me so much more.

In the End

My introduction to the Mono Rig took some effort, but most truly rewarding experiences do.

In the end, I caught fish. That goes a long way. I’ll study the required skillsets, if it lands me more fish. I think most of us will.

Perhaps the thing I learned most from fishing the Mono Rig is the reward of trying something new. Versatility. Yeah. I’ll take that with me. Fishing on the trout’s terms is fishing tactical. I love that. That day, and gracious anglers like Trevor is what I’ll always think of when considering the importance of versatility the river.

And I’ll be thinking of that versatility every time I fish the Mono RIg.

Key Takeaways

  • Pennsylvania trout streams have fairly stable temperatures and abundant food for trout
  • The Mono Rig is more than just tightlining.  It can be used to fish nymphs, streamers, dry flies, and dry droppers.
  • The Mono Rig is a leader, typically attached to normal fly line.
  • The Mono Rig has a heavier butt section that helps it cast while maintaining less weight than fly line.
  • The blue wing olive and sulphur hatches are more persistent than some of Pennsylvania’s more well known hatches.

Learn More

Trevor joins an experienced and passionate group of anglers in discussions on the Troutbitten Podcast.  Listen in on the podcast and get Trevors take at the Troutbitten Podcast Page at podcast.troutbitten.com

To learn more about the MonoRig and fly fishing for trout in PA, visit Troutbitten.com

For more fly fishing stories, lessons learned, and artwork check out my blog and online gallery at:

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Jason Shemchuk

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