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Musky Tactics in Michigan with Eric Grajewski

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In Episode 170 we WadeOutThere with Eric Grajewski from Southeast Michigan.  Eric grew up fishing the banks of Lake Saint Clair in Southern Michigan with his siblings.  When his family decided to get away from the city and moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Eric began his journey into fly fishing for trout and steelhead, eventually developing a love of streamer fishing. 

After school he moved back to southern Michigan to work as an engineer and was re-connected with his old fishery, but this time, armed with the tools and tactics he had learned in the UP.  Soon he was guiding Lake Saint Clair and chasing the the one species he had been infatuated with from childhood… Musky. 

We discuss Lake Saint Clair, fishing and learning with two brothers, and Musky tactics in Michigan.

If we catch a nice one, now instead of getting right back at it, we row off to the side, we crack open a beer, and we just kind of try to remember that moment. Like, really relish it all. It may cost us some fish, but now it’s about those moments. Cherishing those moments more so than the mountain of fish or the size of fish that we catch.

Eric Grajewski
Photo from Eric Grajewski

Eric is someone whose time in fly fishing has been spent fishing with and learning with his two brothers. I also fly fish with my brother. Maybe not every day. Not even most days. But we both are the first to share our experiences and lessons learned with each other.

Sometimes in the mix of being brothers and the drive to catch more fish, it is easy to forget that the moment we are in is the most special. Eric’s story is a good reminder to cherish the time we have and enjoy each fish. Especially if it is experienced in the company of those we love.

Eric is one of the best. An angler that is as tactical and knowledgable as he is thoughtful and grateful. This conversation was an eye opening education in musky fishing and a reminder of what makes each fish special. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed talking with Eric.

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Fly Box

The Yard Sale is one of Eric’s go to musky flies that his brother Matt designed and ties. I wouldn’t categorize this beast as simple to tie, but then again, simple is a relative term in fly tying…

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