Fly Tying, Pennsylvania Trout, and Confidence Through Observation with Jim Misiura

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In Episode 169 we WadeOutThere with Jim Misiura from North Eastern Pennsylvania.  Jim’s journey into fly fishing began with catching trout in his beloved hometown stream with a plastic cricket from the toy box, a size 6 hook, and an old fly rod he bought from a friend.  Since that day Jim has been tying and fly fishing on that Pennsylvania trout stream for over fifty years. 

He originally began tying out of necessity as a youth in need of flies, but when his sister asked him to teach the children in her class about fly tying, Jim found a new passion in the sport, teaching.  Jim started his YouTube Channel in 2010 to help others learn to tie flies and be the mentor he never had starting out. 

We discuss fly tying and trout fishing in Pennsylvania, the importance of considering the styles of flies we tie and fish, and building confidence in fly tying through observation.

…make a mental picture of what he looks like when he is right there under the surface or floating. And then take that knowledge that you just gave that observation, and take that back to the vice. And when you’re tying, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Jim Misiura

Jim’s videos were a huge help to me as a beginner fly tyer many years ago and I always recommend them to folks that are new to fly fishing. It was a pleasure to finally be able to meet the man behind the videos (and the vice). Jim’s stories in todays conversation, especially centered around the youth of our sport, are an example of the importance of passing on what we learn.

Jim’s advice to experiment has been good for me in tying and in fly fishing. I hope that Jim’s videos and this conversation help you grow as a fly tyer and an angler.

VR- Jason

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Fly Box

Here are some of the patterns that Jim spoke of on the show.

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  • Reply
    Gary Foster
    November 14, 2023 at 10:03 am

    I’m so pleased you had Jim Misura on! Like you, he helped me a great deal on fly tying. He’s the proletariat flyfisherman many of us are.
    His tying influences me immensely. He’s a good guy that teaches kids to tie. What’s better than that? Btw
    Congrats on what you’ve done with your blog! It has grown into a fantastic place for info and interviews. Have you interviewed Landon Mayer yet? I just bought his two books. Guide flies is right up your alley. Thanks for what you do!

    • Reply
      Jason Shemchuk
      February 16, 2024 at 1:12 pm

      Yes. Jim was wonderful to talk to and his videos were great when I was just starting out. I loved his story of teaching kids in school too. Only in PA! Thank you for those kind words. I have talked with Landon. Episode 144… It’s a good one. Thanks for listening and commenting.

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