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Podcast 61 | The Poudre River and Natural Drifts with Ben Boehmig.

In this episode we Wadeoutthere with Ben Boehmig, from Fort Collins, Colorado.  Ben moved to Colorado from Atlanta and has worked as a forest firefighter and fly fishing guide.  We discuss:

  • The Poudre River
  • Fly presentation.
  • Mending.
  • Taking time to get to know your home waters.
  • Stories of hard work paying off when hunting steelhead.

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One of Ben’s favorite places to fish the Poudre River is right in town in Fort Collins because it is easy to get the reps required to progress. Getting to know the river is important for finding your own spots that you know will produce fish. Even if it is a short stop at the stream, every little bit of time on the water counts. If you are fortunate enough to live close to a trout stream, but short on time, stopping to wet a line even for fifteen to thirty minutes can add up and help build experience.

Talking with Ben brought back fond memories of time spent driving up from Colorado Springs to Greeley, Colorado to visit my girlfriend at the University of Northern Colorado.  

When I visited my girlfriend, I sometimes only had a few hours in the morning or afternoon to go fish the Big Thompson River.  But making it a point to drive up and wet a line helped me build familiarity.  After a while the short time I had available was spent more efficiently, as I could head straight to “my spots.”  More time fishing quality water and less time searching for it. 

It helps when your girlfriend loves that you fly fish.  Yup… married her.

Key Takeaways

  • A “Grand Slam” is possible on the Poudre River which holds browns, rainbows, cutthroats, and brook trout.  Look for cutthroat and brookies further up stream and higher in elevation.
  • An easy way to identify a natural drift is to assess if your fly or indicator is traveling at the same speed as the water.
  • Keeping line off the water helps with a natural drift by minimizing requirements to mend.
  • Sometimes the simplest flies work best.  The hares ear and pheasant tail are both good flies to tie up for a day on the Poudre.
  • Fishing seams from closest to furthest and wading out as you go can help keep line off the water and improve presentation.

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