Puerto Rico Saltwater Fly Fishing
Photo from Alejandro Feliciano

Sight Fishing for Tarpon in Puerto Rico with Alejandro Feliciano

“If you’re really looking for something exciting, you’ve gotta move along and find it.  It’s not gonna just come to you.”

Alejandro Feliciano

Keep on moving.  Because the good things out there don’t always come to us.  Alejandro Feliciano knows this from his time walking the beaches of Puerto Rico, where the fish are always there, you just have to go find them.  Whether we’re searching for a fish to tighten our line or a new river to explore, it seems nature provides, so long as we go searching.

Podcast episode appears at the end of this short article.

In this episode we WadeOutThere with Alejandro Feliciano from Puerto Rico.  Alejandro grew up on the west coast of Puerto Rico and developed a love of fishing from his father.  He attended college in Bristol Tennessee on a tennis scholarship and became a regular on the local trout stream there. 

After school Alejandro pursued his tennis career professionally, competing and eventually coaching, but his love of the salt water fish he chased as a boy drew him back. 

Today, Alejandro has returned to his home waters to chase his dream of starting a guide business and transform his passion into a career. 

We discuss fly fishing in Puerto Rico and sight fishing for Tarpon.

Alejandro has moved around a bit in life, but now he is going back to his roots in fishing and Puerto Rico.  We talk a lot at WadeOutThere about “going back.”  Back to the river.  Back to the wilderness.  Back to the memories that linger in us and come rushing back when we revisit them. 

At WadeOutThere, fly fishing takes us there.  Sometimes the moves are big.  Sometimes they are small.  But the more we do it, the more chances we have for something great to happen.  Whether that’s a nice trout around the bend or a new chapter in our professional lives. 

Like Alejandro’s budding guide business. This episode was a great reminder of what is possible if we keep moving.  I hope you enjoy listening to Alejandro as much as I did.

VR- Jason

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