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Podcast 62 | A Beginner Perspective on Salt Water Fly Fishing with Marissa Williams.

There is something about the doing of it that makes fly fishing special. About going deeper into a world and connecting with something special at a basic, visceral level. When I look at the mountain, I see it from a distance. I know the river flows beneath it, and that trout sway in its currents and seams. I know it, just as I know that fish swim in the sea. When I gaze at the beauty in the waves and colors and sounds of the ocean I see it as I see the mountains and rivers and forests. Out there.

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It is not until we go into it that we truly experience the river.  Not until we climb the rocky mountains that we can fully appreciate their grandeur. Not until we dip beneath the tides and search, that we have a hope of finding what we are searching for.

What amazing gifts these fish are.  They remain.  Persistent in nature and living a day by day existance.  Surviving in thier worlds, while we watch from a comfortable distance. 

Perhaps that is why we love them.  They take us to the wild places.  They show us the natural world close up.  Silently telling us through their existence:

If you want to find me, you need to come here.  To chase me.  This is my home. 

The longer I fly fish, the more grateful I become for the creatures I am hunting that bring me to the places I know I was meant to be.  For showing me what is possible on this planet if I simply go out into it.

My father showed me this world as a child through his actions and his words. Ever instilling the mantra and hope that his sons would, “live life to the bone.” Yes. I am grateful.

And perhaps that is what makes folks like Marissa so special.  Someone who is willing to go deeper.  To explore and seek the parts of nature that are not obvious.  Setting aside fear and inhibition to learn and grow in her craft and show us what we cannot see from the scenic overlook along the road. 

It’s out there my friends.  Wadeoutthere.

In this episode we Wadeoutthere with Marissa Williams from Stuart, Florida.  Marissa was born and raised in Florida, and when COVID hit she decided to spend her newfound time fly fishing and photographing her home waters. 

We discuss:

  • Some of the struggles Marissa faced diving into saltwater fly fishing.
  • Beginner saltwater gear.
  • Where to search for fish in Florida.
  • Fly fishing from a paddleboard.
  • Tips and techniques she learned the hard way as a beginner.
  • How sharing her photography connects her and others with the beauty of the natural world.
  • How the natural world is waiting for us just beyond the surf, if we only look for it.

Key Takeaways

  • Eight weight is a good size fly rod for a beginner to salt water fly fishing.
  • Floating line works good for red fish and snook.
  • Ask questions.
  • Fishing from a paddleboard allows access to hard to reach places, and helps with standing vs sitting and casting.
  • Many of the fish she targets and photographs are only 10 to 50 feet off the beach.
  • Fighting Tarpon will take it out of you.
  • There is more than one way to cast.  Marissa tried casting sidearm and “it clicked.”
  • Many of the same things Holding fish away from the boat with wet hands is good fish handling for saltwater species and catch and release and they don’t fall in the boat.

Learn More.

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  • Jordan Yackel – Madison River, MT
  • Shyanne Orvis – Colorado
  • Allison Helen Hendricks – Wyoming | Traveling guide | Casting
  • Taylor Joyce – Colorado
  • Rachel Leinweber – Anglers Covey Fly Shop | South Platte River, CO
  • Cameron Cushman – Wild Trout | Veterans
  • Matt Wagner – The Driftless Region
  • Marina Gibson – Fly fishing in the UK
  • Dana Osthoff – Golden Trout | The Driftless Region
  • Jenny West – Bitteroot River
  • Phil Tereyla – South Platte River

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