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Podcast 67: Fly Fishing for Carp on the Missouri River with Justin Waayenberg.

In this episode we Wadeoutthere with Justin Waayenberg from Helena, Montana.  Justin moved to Montana after serving in the Army and got hired by Adipose Boatworks to build drift boats, when they were both getting started in the fly fishing world. We discuss:

  • Why fly fishing for carp is similar to salt water fly fishing, most especially permit.
  • Where to find carp on the Missouri River.
  • The gear, line, and flies used for carp
  • How to target, cast, hookset and fight carp.

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Carp fishing and permit fishing are extremely similar. If you had told me this before speaking with Justin, I would never have believed you. After talking with him, I am convinced. Of course it is not exactly the same, but if your living far from the ocean, chasing carp may scratch the itch. Justin’s enthusiasm is contagious and this episode is one of the deepest dives we have had on the Wadeoutthere Podcast into all the intricate details that can bring success while fly fishing for any species.

Key Takeaways

  • Carp are smart, spooky, hard pulling fish.
  • Carp fishing is very much sight fishing.
  • Carp fishing is extremely similar to salt water permit fishing.
  • Carp pin the fly to the bottom and eat it.
  • Carp do not have the speed of salt water but much of the power.
  • Strip set on carp.
  • Strike indicator vs. bobber debate.
  • Leader for carp should be 9 feet minimum.  11-12 foot flouro leaders work good.
  • Cast to carp with a long leader because the fly line itself will spook it.
  • Carp are looking down for food.  They are bottom feeders.
  • A very good simple fly for carp is the “Brown Bomber.”  Justin describes how he ties it…

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  • Rachel Leinweber – Anglers Covey Fly Shop | South Platte River, CO
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