Fly fishing Biscayne Bay Florida
Photo from Marcos Mazzola

Podcast Ep. 107 – Wade Fishing the Saltwater Flats of South Florida with Marcos Mazzola

In this episode we Wadeoutthere with Marcos Mazzola from South Florida.  

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Marcos began his fly fishing journey wading and fishing from a skiff in the saltwater flats with his close friend from school who also became his fly fishing mentor.  As he progressed as a fly fisher, his photography passion began to become more and more intertwined with his love of the outdoors. 

We discuss:

  • Wade fishing the saltwater flats of South FloridaFighting the same fish twice
  • Saltwater fly fishing in Biscayne Bay
  • Line management on a skiff
  • Casting with fiberglass rods for saltwater species
  • Bringing down your emotional “levels” through fly fishing
  • The importance of perspective

Key Takeaways

  • You don’t need a boat to fish if visiting South Florida and want to get out on the water
  • Clearing the line is very important when fighting a fish that takes you to the reel
  • Rubber mats with spikes help keep your line managed on the skiff
  • Buckets on the skiff help manage your line when its windy on the skiff
  • Fishing fiberglass rods force you to slow your cast down which can help with your casting stroke
  • Biscayne Bay you is a great fishery for wade fishing
  • Species in Biscayne Bay are bonefish and tarpon… (and permit if you can find them)
  • Let your fly sink to the bottom when bonefishing
  • Use slow long strips as a technique for bonefish
  • Fishing close to the grass on the sand
  • An 8 weight is a good rod size for bonefish
  • A 12 weight is a good rod size on a boat for tarpon
  • A larger reel helps with more drag and fighting fish
  • Spawning shrimp is a great pattern for bonefishing

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