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Rooster Fish in Baja and Teamwork with Jeff Feczko

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In Episode 172 we WadeOutThere with Jeff Feczko from Baja, Mexico.  Jeff grew up in Ithaca, New York where his grandfather was his earliest teacher and supporter in fishing.  He picked up a fly rod at an early age and had a knack for casting and tying, with a love for the functionality of the new art he was creating on the vise. 

As he got older Jeff went to Alaska to fish and eventually ended up guiding there, spending his time during the off season in exotic locations chasing fish.  He fell in love with Baja and decided to make a go of guiding there full time, where he still is today.  Jeff is also a signature tyer for Rio. 

We discuss fly fishing for Roosterfish in Baja and the importance of teamwork.

I always go tighter. Yeah, tighter off the get go. Because if you can slow his first run, a lot of the times his second run isn’t gonna be as powerful. They typically do two runs…they’ll boogie out for a bit, they’ll turn sideways, make you think you got ’em, and then all of a sudden they boogie again.

Jeff Feczko

We all have that special place or special fish that we dream of catching someday on a fly rod. Mine seems to change every time I have the chance to talk to people like Jeff. Or maybe it just increases. Jeff’s enthusiasm for Baja Mexico and the Roosterfish that he catches there is exciting. It’s the excitement that comes from someone who chased down that dream place and dream fish, caught ahold, and never came back.

It was a pleasure sharing this conversation with such a passionate angler in such a unique fishery. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed talking with Jeff.

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