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WOT 76: Trout Tactics and Philosophy in Pennsylvania with Josh Miller.

In this episode we Wadeoutthere with Josh Miller from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Josh has been fly fishing for over 20 years and currently guides the waters of Pennsylvania at Trout Yeah Guide Service.  Josh’s experience as both competitor and a coach in competitive fly fishing have helped shape his fly fishing perspective and given him a love of learning and teaching.  We discuss:

  • Josh’s fly fishing journey.
  • Trout tactics and techniques.
  • Stories from fly fishing in Pennsylvania.
  • Finding trout in the same spot.
  • Fly selection vs presentation.
  • Insights into what to expect from Josh’s upcoming book.

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Chasing trout does more than take us to the river.  It can show us the world and fill up our lives.  

No matter where we wet a line, fly fishing takes us out of our day to day lives into a place before concrete jungles, glass walls, and digital imagery.  Every time we step out into the river, we are finding something for the first time.  

When we plan a fly fishing trip we are not just planning a trip to the river, we are setting ourselves up for the experiences that cannot be planned for.  The tiny parts of the journey that you discover along the way.   Small towns, diners, beautiful scenery, historic landmarks, and unique human beings that might otherwise never have reached our lives.

Josh Miller has caught trout in over 29 states and 10 countries.  I think that’s pretty cool.   Not because it’s an impressive number. Because each one of those places was filled with new experiences and new memories.  Whether it was while he played drums in a band, competing for Team U.S.A., or while traveling with his wife, Josh was never “just” chasing trout.  He was exploring planet Earth.  

It’s not the most famous rivers or biggest fish that fill up my mind and make me smile when I think back on all the places I have gone and people I have met while fly fishing.  It is all the things I wasn’t counting on, but was hoping for.  We go to where the fish are, cast out, and never know what we will find.


Key Takeaways.

  • Catching a fish right away builds confidence.  New stream, go to the good water.
  • Waltz Worm is a great fly to tie for PA nymphing.
  • “Know when to hold them and know when to fold them.”
  • Proper form is important in euro-nymphing.  Keep the elbow down to prevent wear on the shoulders.
  • Euro-nymphing is used widely in competitive fly fishing.  
  • Euro-nymphing catches numbers of fish but also fish you never caught before.  It opens up opportunities.

Learn More.

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