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WOT 82: Chasing Native Trout and Veteran Fly Fishing with Cameron Cushman

In this episode we Wadeoutthere with Cameron Cushman from Columbia Missouri.  Cameron is a combat infantry veteran and videographer that credits fly fishing with saving his life.  We discuss:

  • Camerons fly fishing journey.
  • Cameron’s love for chasing native trout.
  • Fly fishing road trip stories.
  • Veterans in fly fishing.
  • The Iron Freedom Foundation.
  • Some of the life changing experiences he captures on film for the veteran organization the Iron Freedom Foundation.
  • Saltwater fly fishing DIY.
  • Fiberglass rods fresh AND salt water.

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Cameron is a veteran who is making a difference in the lives of other veterans in a profoundly meaningful way. His films tell the stories of how our soldiers are being healed through fly fishing. They are beautiful pieces of videography and storytelling but they also represent what is possible for people that are running out of hope. Families that need help. His work with the Iron Freedom Foundation is saving lives. I believe it.

I spent fourteen years of my life dedicated to the mission of Close Air Support, flying A-10 Warthogs. Close Air Support is about protecting soldiers so that they come home to their families. We rarely met the men and women we worked with. Separated by thousands of feet and connected only on the radios. I thought about them though. Thought about them a lot. After the missions and beyond. Even today I wonder who they were. Where they came from. Imagine them with their loved ones.

Our objective was always to save friendlies. I’m grateful to know that there are folks like Cameron out there who have refused to stop supporting those soldiers after they return. Who continue to fight for them with the tools and gifts they have. Yeah… I’m very grateful.


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To learn more about how the Iron Freedom Foundation is helping veterans, or if you know a veteran that could use a hand visit:

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