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Streamer Tactics for Day and Night and Keeping an Open Mind with Sam Galt

“I tell my guests they’re doing it right. I’m like, hey you’re doing it right. Hey that’s good. Great presentation. Do that again. That’s the cast. That’s the spot. And as convincing as that may sound. Nothing says it like getting a fish on the line.”

Sam Galt

In this episode we WadeOutThere with Sam Galt, from Central Pennsylvania.  Sam grew up fishing and playing in the river, but his love for fly fishing took off after attending college and joining up with some solid fishing buddies. 

When his friends graduated and moved on, Sam stayed and kept fishing.  Now Sam is a full time guide who loves sharing tactics and experiences with new friends. 

We discuss the benefits of fishing buddies, the advantages of flexibility, and different techniques for fishing streamers during the day and night.

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Photo from Sam Galt

“First thing’s first. There’s always exceptions.”

Sam Galt

There are tactics and techniques that work most of the time but few that work all of the time. Sam’s insistence on this point throughout our conversation come from years of time on the water and humbling days when the fish were not cooperating. We can find trends and patterns though that we rely on and put in our toolbox for the appropriate conditions. It’s important to remember that when those tools aren’t working, that’s when the search for exceptions need to start.

Talking with Sam reminded me that I should always be questioning what I think I know in fly fishing. As beginners that might not be hard. Most everything is new. But as we gain that time on the water, it can become harder to follow Sam’s advice of keeping an open mind.

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What are some times you kept an open mind on the river and it paid off? Leave a comment below.

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