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Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover and Fishing Your Fly with Andrew Grillos

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In this episode we WadeOutThere with Andrew Grillos from Gunnison Colorado.  Andrew learned to fly fish side by side with his father growing up in Colorado, learned to tie as a teenager, and eventually ended up guiding on the Gunnison River. 

Andrew went on to guide in Colorado, Alaska, Chile, New Zealand, and Washington, and I might be missing a few in there.  He is also a signature tyer for Umpqua

We discuss some of the more interesting and surprising clients Andrew has guided over the years, using visualization to help fish your flies more effectively, the Skagit River system in Western Washington, and how working with bamboo helped Andrew reconnect with fly fishing after a stroke left him struggling to get back to the sport he loves.

Andrew Grillos’s Hippy Stomper

Key Ideas From the Show

Don’t rely on being guided every time. Just kind of be a sponge and absorb what your guide shows you, and go out and do it on your own. You can struggle all you like… that’s how you learn.

Andrew Grillos

They’re so hyper-focused on casting. I think with fishing it, you gotta imagine how your fly is swimming and if it’s going through fishy looking water. And present it how you want to. I think that’s kind of true to anything, like swinging soft hackles or stripping a streamer. You just have to kind of visualize where your fly is at and what it’s doing out there.

Andrew Grillos

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