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Progress Through Mistakes and Summer Steelhead on the Deschutes River with Dave Stewart

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In this episode we WadeOutThere with Dave Stewart from Oregon.  Dave started fly fishing at an early age.  His father, who was a guide, and one of the earliest fly fishermen on the Deschutes River, would often leave him alone to fish and explore on the river for two to three days in between guide trips. 

Dave’s love of the outdoors and fly fishing led him to start The Wet Fly Swing Podcast, which initially focussed on steelhead, but eventually branched out to all things fly fishing.  The show now has over 470 full length episodes where Dave talks with some of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and just plain fun humans in the fly fishing community. 

The Wet Fly Swing Podcast was one of the first shows I discovered when I began my own journey into podcasting, and became a standard I aspired to emulate.  It’s been an honor to have been a guest on Dave’s show, and now to share our conversation on the WadeOutThere Podcast. 

We discuss Dave’s relationship with his father and how it influenced the beginning of the WFS podcast, swinging wet flies for summer steelhead on the Deschutes, and why Dave believes “those who fail most, win.”

Photo from Dave Stewart

Key Ideas From the Show

The Deschutes River has all sorts of history with Native Americans because they used to come out from the plains and go down the Deschutes to get to the Dalles, which was the meeting place for all of the native tribes back in the day. For thousands of years, that’s where they went is the Dalles, which is pretty much right where the confluence of the Deschutes is. I mean it’s pretty powerful.

Dave Stewart

Those who fail most win. That’s me. I failed my whole life at this stuff.

Dave Stewart

You gotta find the buckets within the buckets. So you find, first of all, the water type. It’s kind of like that walking speed. That pace that’s not too fast, not too slow. It’s a run. And the right water depth. A couple feet up to three, four, five, six feet depth. If you’re brand new to it, my recommendation…maybe get a guide for your first day. Go out with a guide. Learn it. That’s gonna be awesome. Pay that money. And then the rest of the trip. You fish on your own.

Dave Stewart

Don’t make a bad cast to make a giant cast.

Dave Stewart

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