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Podcast 63 | High Country Alpine Lake Fly Fishing with Jason Faerman from Yakoda Supply.

In this episode we Wadeoutthere with Jason Faerman from Boulder, Colorado.  Jason loves the work and payoff of hiking into remote alpine lakes in search of trout and solitude.

We discuss:

  • The preparation and tactics Jason uses when fishing remote alpine lakes.
  • How his own experiences and friendships helped him co-found Yakoda Supply a company dedicated to creating simple, highly functional gear for fly fishing.

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Trout waters are becoming more pressured, but we can still find the solitude we seek, if we are willing to work for it.  The answer is to do what others won’t.  To go where others will not. 

Talking with Jason Faerman reminded me of this.  He talks about how his journey into the high country in search of trout in alpine lakes is the result of that work and that need to experience fly fishing in his own way.

I cannot control that so many others are discovering fly fishing and finding value in its pursuit.  Nor do I wish them bad luck or ill fate.  I would never want to deny someone the opportunity for the wonderful memories the mountains and rivers have provided me in my life. 

Fly fishing is special.  Not Elite.

I can control how far I walk from the parking lot.  How much effort I put into exploring new waters.  In some ways pressured waters are a gift.  Forcing us to do the work required to find the peace we seek in solitude on the river. The easy things are never quite as sweet as those worked for.  Fly fishing is no different.

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We all go to the river for different reasons, but there is a solitude we all seek from fly fishing. In some way, at some time, that solitude haunts us.  Through the patterns of wading alone in the natural world we come to know ourselves.  That experience is a treasure.  Shall we give up on it because of pressured waters? Or will we keep walking?

Keep walking.  Even if it means your path takes you into the mountains where the rivers begin. 

Keep walking.  Because trout also live far from the cars and roads that follow the rivers and streams that we can easily access. 

Keep walking.  Keep searching.  No matter how far it takes you.


Key Takeaways

  • Planning for cold weather is required even in the summer. 
  • Mountain weather predictions are rarely accurate.
  • It takes some good and bad trips to figure out what kind of gear and flies you like.
  • “For most fish that you’re gonna target, you never really need more than six to twelve flies…”
  • Google Earth and screen shots of lakes is a great way to examine the lake for fish.
  • July to Mid October is the main season for visiting the high country lakes.
  • Going early in the season can be good fishing because fish have been below the ice and are hungry.
  • Going too early in the season can mean the lake is still frozen.
  • Water flowing into and out of the lake, as well as natural shelves, are good places to target fish. Google Earth can help identify these areas.

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Jason Shemchuk

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  • Reply
    Jon Bowerman
    November 8, 2021 at 2:11 pm

    It was interesting to hear Jasons view on fishing the Front Range area.
    I used to live in Denver, worked as a cook, but moved to the mountains 12 miles east of the Indian Peaks Region just so I could go fishing as I felt the urge. some of my best memories was fishing alpine lakes and Not being disappointed if the fish werent giant for their particular species. Just being there, and managing to catch fish in such a surrounding, be it raining or snowing made the whole thing Amazing! so thanks for having him on, and thanks for making Wade Out There

    • Reply
      Jason Shemchuk
      November 11, 2021 at 1:02 pm

      You definitely get it Jon. I love sharing and learning through Wadeoutthere and hearing from folks like you is the icing on the cake. Thanks for listening and for the wonderful comment.

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